Artist statement

My name is Alex Ezhov, I am a digital artist and interdisciplinary designer.
I've graduated as an architect, but I like magic more than
plans and blueprints. That is why I started to work in this direction.

In my work, I travel the world of computer graphics while study various aesthetic languages and technologies. This is a real adventure.

Through experimentation, I explore color, light, and shape. With the help of knowledge I work on various tasks in commercial works, the main of which is the developing an individual brand identity language.

As a designer, I work with sensations, I like to evoke emotions, to create impressions. That's what makes us alive, and I strive to fill each project with life.


Alex Ezhov - a beginner digital artist, and an interdisciplinary designer from
Vladivostok. The main areas of work - branding, visual communications, 3D / 2D
graphics. By education - designer of architectural environment (FEFU), undergraduate of the faculty of "digital art" (FEFU), graduate of the personal promotion course of the Academy of Anna Radchenko.

Published on the Shuttle information portal with an interview of a completed project bookstore (branding + interior)